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Bound To Light

Dark adventure puzzler set in Oblivion. · By BabloonStudios


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Final prototype version!
Hi everyone! Today we released Bound To Light version 0.2.0, hype! We’ve been listening to feedback from various sources on how to improve the game, here’s...
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Some new stuff and patches
Hey! Super happy for our feature here on Itch, hope you newcomers enjoy Bound To Light! - We did some smaller adjustments to some puzzles - Made it visually cle...
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Interaction Update!
Hey all! We’re doing an update to some stuff: Husk interaction Pressure plates Some puzzles Moveable blocks It’s supposed to be easier to spot when activati...
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Prototype trailer is up!
Hey all! Our trailer for Bound to Light went up recently! Check it out and give feedback on the game! /Chris, Babloonian...
Update time!
Hi all! Thanks for following and trying the prototype project, we're really happy to see all comments, videos and feedback and we want more! MORE! - Anyway, we...
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Prototype version 1.1
Hello everybody! We’ve done some smaller updates and fixed some issues where the game crashed. Now it hopefully shouldn’t crash! If it does, send a mail and...
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