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Blowhards is a long range multiplayer fighting game, with king of the hill style gameplay with inspiration from Super Smash and Towerfall Ascension.

The characters are colourful, the music is fun, and the chaoticness is hillarious!

Shoot your opponents off platforms with 360° aim, block their attacks to empower your shot, when you have time "Supercharge" yourself to become deadly for a short while, and use the pickups to your advantage!

This is a PC-build and it's necessary to use controllers. Up to 4 players. This is a demo-build with only "Quick Start" that is a 5 minute match with the small character called Noot. The game is a work in progress.

You can inhale (block) other characters' shots to increase the power of your next shot. You can also "rocket jump" by jumping and shooting down at the same time.

The balloons that appear are pick-ups, inside these there are three different items: A big ball you can spawn and then inhale to make your next shot a ball which can hit your opponents much further away, an anchor to root yourself to the ground and a bomb to blow away everyone nearby after 2.5 seconds.

Win by being the one with the most score after the 5 minute match is over!

Happy hunting!

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